Corporate governance


The efforts of the Executive Team are focused on maintaining a dynamic organization that is able to continuously support its expansion, growth and development.


We are also dedicated to continuously improve our management methods in order to maintain agility and flexibility in our decision making and in the implementation of those decisions.

The Executive Committee of Tradebe consists of seven members, led by Josep Creixell, founder and president of the company. 


His main responsibilities include: defining and approving the strategic plan, selecting and overseeing senior management, managing the different commercial operations; and ultimately establishing the direction of Tradebe’s more than 60 facilities worldwide.


Executive Team

  • Creixell, Josep | President

  • Creixell, Jordi | Vice President

  • Gazulla, Alex | Expansion and Development Director

  • Borrell, Jordi | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Creixell, Victor | CEO Tradebe US

  • Molenaar, RobCEO Tradebe UK

  • Zaldúa, Iñaki | CEO Tradebe Spain


Company News