CCG Clinical Waste Disposal

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We build strong working partnerships with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the UK. Delivering tailored waste management solutions that are cost effective, legally compliant and environmentally friendly.


With the capabilities to service both large establishments, such as hospitals and small local NHS providers, E.g. dentists, pharmacies and GP’s, we are well suited to offering the bespoke package service that CCG’s require.

All services are managed through TRADEBE, from waste collection, transportation to final treatment and disposal at one of our facilities. We can guarantee waste capacity, contingency and hence continuity of your services, as well as thorough waste audit trails.

Our dedicated account managers build strong relationships with each of the establishments on the CCG network. Our account managers will work with you to ensure your onsite waste is safely managed onsite through educational workshops, marketing literature, clearly labelled and segregation bins.