Clinical Waste Disposal in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset

Tradebe Healthcare services provide tailored clinical waste disposal in the counties of Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and across England and Wales. Our waste processing site is based in Swindon and is part of the Tradebe Healthcare network of facilities for treating clinical waste streams.

Our clinical waste treatment plant was purposely built to deal with the processing of orange bagged clinical waste through a heat disinfection unit. The flock waste produced from the process is utilised as Waste to Energy, avoiding the need to send to landfill. Tradebe Healthcare can process all type of clinical waste; the disposal route will depend on the characteristics of the waste stream.

 Clinical waste producers that work with Tradebe Healthcare see many benefits including: 

  • Decreased waste to landfill
  • Overall reduction in waste volumes
  • Improved environmental profile
  • Increased compliancy
  • Financial savings

Tradebe Healthcare offers a range of innovative alternative waste facilities and high temperature incineration facilities for the secure destruction of hazardous waste.

Tradebe Healthcare currently provides clinical waste disposal in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and across the UK to a wide range of waste producers including NHS Trusts, private hospitals, beauticians and nursing homes. For more information please contact: 0844 693 2033 or email:

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