Dental Waste Disposal


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Tradebe can offer dental practices a total waste management service thorough our network of clinical and hazardous waste treatment facilities and transfer stations.

Tradebe has many years of experience in providing services to manage the specialist waste generated by the dental industry. We currently work with dental practices and hospitals across the UK offering tailored services that are cost-effective, legally compliant and environmentally sustainable.

We take away the complexity of dental waste management, providing you with a convenient, safe and simple service that allows you to focus on your practice.

Tradebe is a large UK company with a network of hazardous waste facilities and transfer stations across the UK. Not only can we deal with standard clinical waste, but we also have the facilities in-house to treat other complex hazardous wastes such as radioactive wastes (E.g. x-rays), gypsum (E.g. dental moulds) and pharms (E.g. prescription drugs).

Waste segregation is critical in ensuring that you are not paying too much for your dental waste disposal. We work closely with our clients to ensure that waste is correctly segregated. We can provide clean and safe TUV approved containers for safe and discreet storage, segregation and disposal.
Where ever possible we will ensure that waste is treated in accordance with the Waste Hierarchy, so suitable recovery and recycling routes are utilised where possible.


Waste types include:

  • Amalgam Waste
  • Lead Foils
  • Sharps Waste (Syringes, Needles, other Sharp Instruments)
  • X-Ray Waste (Fixer & Developer)
  • Mercury Spillage Waste
  • Gypsum Waste (Dental Moulds)
  • Infectious Waste
  • Clinical Waste (Dressings, Tissues, Gowns, Swabs & Gloves)
  • Pharmaceutical Waste (Prescription Drugs / Medicines)


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