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GP Medical Practices Clinical Waste Disposal

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From NHS practices belonging to the established Clinical Commissioning Group networks, to GP practices providing private medical services, we work with medical practices of varying sizes across the country delivering efficient, cost effective and legally compliant waste services.

Tradebe has many year of experience working with private and NHS medical practices and in-house expertise to establish your practices unique requirements. We offer the complete services from consultation, in-house training, marketing literature, consumables to the final collection treatment and disposal at one of our treatment facilities.

Tradebe benefits from the ownership of both alternative treatment and incineration facilities. This ensures guaranteed treatment capacity, preventing any hindrance to the continuity of your waste services. Our facilities treat all healthcare waste streams including, but not limited to offensive/hygiene, infectious, pharmaceutical, sharps and radioactive.

Our dedicated account managers build strong relationships with our customers to ensure correct waste segregation at source. We can provide staff training, suitable colour coded waste units and promotion material to make waste segregation second nature, saving you disposal costs and ensuring compliance.