Tradebe Healthcare understands the importance in correct waste segregation at source or on site. To help simplify waste segregation, we give our customers the option of having colour coded bins.

The colours are in line with the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance, which aids in controlling and maintaining waste segregation.

Tradebe feel colour coding our containers is the key to efficient and compliant waste management. From 770 Litres to 240 Litres, with or without towing attachments, we can provide you with the waste equipment suited for purpose.

If you feel the colour coded bins are not suitable for your site or situation, we can provide flexible identification systems such as barcoded bins and tags, as an alternative to barcoded bins and colour coded lids.

All bins supplied by Tradebe have fully functional solid pin type slam locks. We also provide containers in excess of normal requirements just in case of an emergency overflow.

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