Rochester Clinical Waste Disposal

Tradebe Healthcare provides clinical waste disposal in Rochester, the surrounding regions and across the whole of England and Wales. Tradebe operate a large network of waste treatment and transfer stations across the UK with dedicated sites for the transfer, treatment and disposal of clinical waste.

Tradebe Healthcare manage clinical waste disposal in Rochester for a range of waste producers including NHS trusts, private hospitals, pharmacies, care homes, beauticians and veterinary practices. Clinical waste streams suitable for disposal include infectious, anatomical, pharmaceutical, sharps, offensive, cytotoxic, cytostatic and low level radioactive wastes.

We can offer an integrated total clinical waste disposal services in Rochester. We begin by providing a pre-site audit visit at your establishment in Rochester that details the waste management strategies that are currently in place. We will discuss our findings and provide you with a custom plan that is designed to meet your business’s needs. Recommends are often focused on reducing costs, improving your environmental profile and ensuring that your Rochester business is fully compliant with the current legislation.

Our Rochester clinical waste disposal treatment facilities are fully licensed, permitted and authorised by the Environmental Agency or Natural Resources Wales to receive the correct waste classification. We provide cost effective, sustainable waste solutions that are in line with the UK Waste Strategy.

As part of Tradebe, we can also offer a total waste management package (TWM) in addition to clinical waste disposal in Rochester. TWM can take care of all your waste streams, from recyclables to general waste and other hazardous wastes such as solvents and oils.

If you would like to learn know more about our Rochester clinical waste disposal services, then please contact us on: 0844 693 2033 or email:

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