PHARMACEUTICAL WASTE - Collection, Disposal & Treatment


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We provide a cradle-to-grave solution for the treatment and final disposal of pharmaceutical waste. Tradebe own and operate commercial incinerators, so can ensure contingency and continuity for our customers across the UK.

Many healthcare service providers will generate a level of pharmaceutical waste that needs to be disposed of safely, effectively and in compliance with the complex legislation. Our pharmaceutical waste destruction prevents harm to the environment and to the public.

Due to our extensive capability, we offer pharmaceutical waste services not only to healthcare providers such as private and public hospitals, high street pharmacies and veterinary practices, but we also manage pharmaceutical waste generated from the research, development and manufacture stages.

Our fully approved nationwide facilities and waste transfer stations provide us with the capability and availability to collect from across the UK, at a frequency that suits your company needs.

Pharmaceutical wastes can be collected as part of a dedicated service or alongside your current healthcare and/or hazardous waste collections.

Pharmaceutical waste streams can include:Out of Date / Unwanted Stock, Cytotoxic & Cytostatic, Controlled Drugs, Recalled Stocks