HazBox Service

HazBox Service

Tradebe’s collection service for small mixed hazardous wastes has been designed to provide safe storage, segregation and transportation of your waste. Our HazBox offers a simple, cost effective and legally compliant solution for your business.

The HazBox has the capacity to store up to 55 litres / 20kg of mixed hazardous wastes that are not suitable for general waste. Made from durable, heavy duty plastic, our reusable boxes provide a safe waste storage solution for any working environment. The HazBox is clean, compact and easy to manoeuvre for efficient collection.

How to use the HazBox

Simply store away the HazBox in a safe place and fill with small hazardous wastes (suitable wastes overleaf). Once your HazBox is full - contact us for a convenient date and time to make a collection.

We can also collect large hazardous waste items such as fridges, fluorescent tubes, TVs, computers etc alongside your HazBox. Please notify us prior to collection.

Arranging a Collection

1. Please complete the HazBox Inventory and email to: uk.collections@tradebe.com 
2. We will contact you to arrange a suitable collection date and time.
3. Place your inventory list inside the HazBox prior to your collection.

Collection Procedure

4. Our collection driver will arrive at your workplace at the agreed time and date.
5. The HazBox will be exchanged for an empty one.
6. Please sign the Waste Transfer Note held by the driver.

What happens with your Waste?

The waste is inspected, categorised and segregated prior to recycling, re-use, treatment and/or disposal. Your waste will be treated in the most environmentally friendly way according to the EU Waste Hierarchy.

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