Tradebe Healthcare tracks the route of your waste from collection to disposal. The maintenance of your waste is our priority, so we have put the technology in place to know the whereabouts of all your waste from collection right through to disposal. Tradebe has detailed paperwork that is supplemented with our electronic waste tracking system that allows us to track each bin.


Our tracking system allows us to be proactive about segregation and ensuring compliance for Duty of Care. Once the containers are returned to Tradebe they will be scanned and weighed. All waste will be inspected prior to its disposal route. The route the waste will embark upon will depend on the waste type.


All vehicles within Tradebe are fitted with AVL online tracking. This system allows each Transport Manager to know exactly where each vehicle is at any time. In addition, we can set the system up to email you when the vehicle enters a pre – set distance from your site. This will provide you with a personal record of our vehicles arrival times at site.

Having the online vehicle tracking in place allows Tradebe to monitor the routes taken by each driver and vehicle. The tracking ensures the most efficient route is taken to service our contracts.

Our electronic tracking is integrated with OAMPS/OHES 24/7 emergency environmental services.


All Tradebe Healthcare drivers are fully ADR qualified and are continually trained by the Transport Manager in other aspects of their role:

  • Behaviour on a Customer Site
  • Adhering to Speed Limits
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Importance of PPE
  • Signing of Consignment Notes
  • Waste Types and Segregation
  • Loading & Offloading of Vehicles

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