Healthcare Waste Services

Tradebe Healthcare can take care of all your healthcare waste management needs. We deal with a wide range of waste streams including sharps, infectious, anatomical, pharmaceutical, offensive, cytotoxic, cytostatic and low level radioactive. From collection right through to treatment and final disposal, Tradebe Healthcare provides bespoke healthcare waste management services to a spectrum of industries across the healthcare sector.

Tradebe Healthcare Services Include:

Benefits of Working With Tradebe Healthcare:

  • Reduction in waste to landfill & avoidance of increasing landfill tax.
  • Decrease in hazardous waste volumes & associated costs.
  • Easy access & surplus waste treatment facilities.
  • Electronic waste tracking & management systems.
  • Efficient waste streams through recycling & minimisation.
  • Effective training to improve staff awareness of waste responsibilities.
  • Operating waste services that fully comply with current legislation.
  • Access to innovative waste treatments such as cold disinfection or energy to waste.
  • Ensured usage of our high temperature incinerator.

You will see many benefits of working with an efficient, innovative and personal waste management company, such as Tradebe Healthcare.

Our proactive waste solutions will provide you with financial savings, improved carbon footprint and a better patient environment.

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