Pre-Acceptance Audit

The pre-acceptance audit information is to be used as supporting documentation to ensure that Tradebe and you the customer are compliant. Please complete as much information as possible, if you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact your Contract Manager for advice.

Pre-Acceptance Upload Audit

Our online audit has now been updated to allow photographic evidence to be uploaded in support of your submission.

Please take the time to download a copy of the audit before undertaking the online assessment, a blank version of the audit can be found by using the link below:

Small Quantity - Pre-acceptance Upload Audit Report - BLANK


Complete a Pre-Acceptance Audit here:

CLICK HERE for Small Quantity – Pre-Acceptance Audit Report
For premises who produce less than 5,000 Kg of healthcare waste per annum.

CLICK HERE for Large Quantity – Pre-Acceptance Audit Report
For premises who produce more than 5,000 Kg of healthcare waste per annum.

Waste Pre-Acceptance procedures apply to all clinical and offensive wastes arising from healthcare activities with the exception of those collected from domestic premises and care homes that do not provide nursing care.

In addition, they do not apply to clinical wastes or offensive wastes from non-healthcare activities (correctly classified under chapter 20 of the List of Wastes).

The primary purpose of these procedures is to identify the presence of the following in clinical waste streams from healthcare activities:

  • Infectious waste;
  • Non-hazardous wastes, for example municipal waste or offensive waste;
  • Anatomical waste, other animal or human tissues, and blood products;
  • Medicines and medicinally contaminated waste);
  • Chemicals and chemically contaminated waste;
  • Microbiological cultures and related laboratory wastes to which additional controls may apply;
  • Mercury and amalgam;
  • Non-hazardous gypsum wastes (for example plaster casts) with specific landfill requirements.

The audit data must be obtained and assessed before delivery of the first batch of waste from each medical practice and then at the following minimum frequencies:

  • Every 12 months for each medical practice that produces five tonnes or more of clinical waste in any calendar year
  • Every two years for each veterinary practice, dental practice, and laboratory that produces less than five tonnes of clinical waste in any calendar year,
  • Every five years for other healthcare producers of clinical waste.

The audit data will be used as Pre-acceptance for all Tradebe disposal sites.

Should your disposal requirements change or you suspect there may have been a break down in your segregation system, you must contact us immediately.

Waste will only be accepted by Tradebe if it conforms to the description supplied by you the customer in this document.


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