Tattooists & Beauticians


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We offer cost effective and compliant waste services to tattooists and beauticians across the UK.

We can provide a full waste service to tattooists and beauticians including training, providing consumables, collection and final treatment and disposal at one of our local sites.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34 imposes a legal Duty of Care on beauticians, tattooists and all waste producers to ensure that waste is correctly managed right up until final disposal. As TRADEBE manages the full process, you can be sure of a clear compliant waste trail.

We can help you to segregate waste at the source of disposal by providing you with colour coded waste units suitable for your needs. Typical waste streams include needles & sharps, clinical waste and chemical waste can all be safely managed by TRADEBE, a fully licensed waste contractor.

We understand the importance of need for reliable, flexible collections and waste units suitable for your parlour, salon or mobile workplace. Whether you are a high street parlour or you work from home, we offer services that are designed with you, to ensure we meet your requirements.

We currently help tattooists and beauticians across the country with their disposal and waste compliance requirements. If you would like to know more, please contact us on: